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Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt?

the same way heaps of clutter around a home hide the beauty of the space... the anxiety in your mind clutters a potentially beautiful life.




What messages are you getting from your mind?

I hear you, the mind is racing, your fear elevated, you're totally overwhelmed with 'stuff' flying around everywhere, your body is having all sorts of tension issues, feeling sick, racing heart, sweaty palms, shaking, headaches....


You're on this page because you have had enough and it's time for it to stop, right?



"Thank you never quite seems enough."

This lady has been an absolute godsend to me! Highly recommend, specifically helped me with anxiety but also a relaxing, warming environment to be in when life throws you the odd curve ball. Not sure why I didn't go sooner. Instantly felt at ease with Di.

A truly inspirational, lovely lady.

*Please don't be put off by the assumption of what some people perceive hypnotherapy to be. You're in complete control all the time.Kimberley Parker.

FEAR is a Fantasy Envisaged AReal

nice to meet you!

Di Goddard Anxiety Specialist & Hypnotherapist

Imagine what it will feel like when you are able to…


  • Remain calm and in control of your emotions!

  • Completely slow down the mind from all those intrusive thoughts!

  • Stop the physical symptoms from taking over!

  • Sleep deeply and all night long!

  • Laugh and enjoy "me time"!

  • Spend quality time with friends and family!

  • Be more productive at work and in day to day life!

Perhaps you feel it will never stop, or you don't even know why it started? So, this is your last resort! Or maybe someone you know recommended me but you need to see for yourself if I can really change this for you? That's okay, I wouldn't have believed it either, except I see this every day in my office, every single day!

Let's Talk Anxiety!
Let's Talk Anxiety!

"What an incredible experience my son is like a different child today!

We visited Di due to his severe anxiety and fear surrounding school after being bullied a few years ago.

Well today he actually jumped out the car on time for school, wished me a good day and told me he loved me and walked off with a little spring in his step into school. Picked him up at 3pm after a full day at school to him being happy and telling me he had a good day! He also went out for a bike ride with a friend from school at 4pm. Di has worked absolute magic and I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart! I feel like I have my happy, funny, carefree boy back! Forever grateful." Nikki Wase.

Once you have enrolled, you have lifetime access to this fantastic programme!

Don't forget, these sessions with me would normally cost £180 but you get to


Don't forget, these sessions with me would normally cost £180 but you get to


It's me!

My simple and effective programme to obliterate your anxiety NOW!

This package includes:

Step 1 - Three Amazing MP3 Hypnosis Sessions Worth £180

  • Effective Fast Removal Of Panic Attacks Hypnosis Session

  • Full Anxiety Removal Hypnosis Session 

  • Take Back Your Sleep Hypnosis Session


Step 2 - Easy BONUS Quick Release Meditations: 

featuring three simple top-up techniques, you can use in your lunch break or any time they are required

  • Feeling Overwhelmed

  • Shield Yourself

  • Switch Off The Day

this helps us to understand how we have created the fear or anxiety, because we weren't born with it. It is simply a thought pattern we have latched onto and grown with the power of our imagination. So, using solutions focused hypnotherapy, we can remove those unhelpful beliefs, fast!

but there's more!

If you weren't already interested then check this out... 


If you had to score your anxiety from 0-10, what score would you give it?

If the score if too high for your liking, then you won't want to miss this!


I've created an extra BONUS recording that will take your anxiety to


(you heard me!!)... in just a few minutes!

You won't want to miss this...

When was the last time you couldn't find your anxiety?

Finding Joy!

Lovely Di has helped me address an issue which also caused anxiety I was harbouring with for over 10 years. It’s early days, but already I feel so much confident, positive and ready to face my fears. Di is so very caring, sincere about helping you achieve a positive outcome. Thank you Di you’re an absolute angel. Xxxxx

Sheri Kingston

Don't forget, these sessions with me would normally cost £180 but you get to


Here's to your 

Di x

amazing new future!

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