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Imagine never having to go on a restrictive diet ever again!





When you utilise the programme with your FULL ATTENTION, you'll get the same life-changing value that everyone wants and deserves!






During this transformational 8 steps hypnotic programme, I'll walk you the exact hypnotic protocols that set me free from a life of yo-yo dieting and a broken metabolism. You will own this programme for life, meaning you can watch and use the steps over and over, imprinting them on your mind, ensuring your SUCCESS.


I've led hundreds of people to FREEDOM during the past few years and I'm taking the blueprint that has given them the BIGGEST TRANSFORMATION, and giving it to you.



Optimise Metabolism - The fact that you can't consciously control your metabolism proves that it's an unconscious process. 


These 8 steps walk you through my most powerful hypnotic protocol that sets unconscious processes in place to let the metabolism work appropriately.


Get ready for your body to release extra weight, once and for all, while you experience a peaceful relationship with food.


BONUS: The Metabolism Reset Hypnosis Protocol also reprograms urges like...

  • Late night snacking

  • Carb or sugar cravings

  • Binge eating

  • Comfort eating

  • Any other reason you've struggled with your weight (including past trauma)


Your urge to eat in a way that keeps you heavy or unhealthy will be replaced by an automatic desire to eat appropriate kinds and amounts of food to maintain your ideal weight from now on.


Stop sugar cravings

What if you could feel completely peaceful around sugar (or carbs or whatever food seems to call your name)? 


Imagine this... You see food that used to hijack your ability to feel in control and you feel as neutral as if you were looking at a rock. There's no pull... just peace.


This is just one of the treasures you'll keep from this hypnosis session.


(NOTE: Some people are afraid of losing addictive feelings about things like ice cream, sugar, or chocolate. That's ok. It is SAFE to let them go, it doesn't mean you CAN'T have them, but you just won't be bothered by them anymore...)


Get a food plan without food rules

I firmly believe there are as many ideal diets as there are people. Food rules create food obsession and keep people overweight. I call it "Forbidden Fruit Syndrome".


Over the past years I've helped hundreds of people find freedom from the compulsive urge to overeat with a gentle way of eating that doesn't restrict any foods.


You will begin to crave healthy, nourishing food as unhealthy food loses it's appeal.




  • Reset the metabolism to an appropriate level that lets the body automatically release extra weight

  • Release cravings for specific foods like sugar, carbs, chips, or greasy foods.

  • Stop late night snacking.

  • Stop emotional eating (because you'll experience deep healing on this call.)

  • Lifetime access to the replay of The Metabolism Reset Hypnosis Protocol event. You can watch again anytime.

  • Step-by-step cheat sheets that clearly outline how to adopt a new way of eating without food restrictions. This way of eating heals insulin levels and restores the metabolism and it's MORE enjoyable than anything else you've tried.



You get immediate access to the password protected page on my website so that you can watch and use the 8 steps right now! You can experience the same breakthrough as hundreds of other clients.


If I was to run this package with you 1-2-1, it would be in effect, 4 individual sessions which would cost you 4 x £60 = £240... PLUS the value of the full hypnosis audios that I sell regularly on my website, RRPs listed below, means it is over £308 to buy these individually!


So you can see this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to access this fantastic programme at a snippet of the value at only £97.


As a bonus you will also find the following on your page:

  • Sleep Deeply Hypnosis Audio: because we all know that without good deep sleep, we are useless at eating well... (RRP £22.95)


  • Heal & Self-love Hypnosis Audio: So I can show your subconscious mind exactly how AMAZING you are! Beating yourself up about your weight hasn't got you to your goal yet, has it?! (RRP £22.95)


  • Weight Loss, Journey Into Your Future Hypnosis Audio: this incredible, deep dive into your future, gives you the wake-up call that helps create the changed you want NOW! (RRP £22.95)



PDF Resources for you to read/print & use. This is important to your success and will give you reminders of what we have worked on together. 

  • A comprehensive FAQs & Answers section

  • A clear explanation of the Window Eating Protocol

  • The Tiny Tweaks formula

What if you are about to experience a HUGE life-changing transformation? What if THIS is your time to be finally FREE from the years of dieting and feeling like you are out of control?

I cannot wait to share this transformational hypnosis with you, I know you deserve it!

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If you are:

Done with food guilt

Fed up of starting on Mondays

Feeling like you have tried them all

Absolutely ready for success


find that super power within yourself now!

it's time to love you too!