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Clinical research evidence has found that the use of hypnotherapy provides:

  • a shorter first stage labour

  • less intense pain

  • a shorter stay in hospital

  • less fear and anxiety after the birth of your baby


Congratulations! You are pregnant... But, we all know it's often not that easy... Anxiety, stress, concerns about the birth, horror stories from others, a previous traumatic birth experience, all contributes to an often higher than normal feeling of anxiety during pregnancy...


So, on this page are some little FREE gifts from me to you - to help you to take back control... You have got the 15 minute FREE relaxation audio at the top of this page - and some quick stress release videos below.


Revolutionise your experience and have a more '​​​​you're in control' birth... Make it exactly as it is meant to be, natural, personal and calm.

If you are in a lot of pain, are worried or feel scared during labour, your body is likely to go into 'fight-or-flight' mode. Stress hormones, the main one being adrenaline, will flood your body. This only serves to make the pain more intense and frightening.


I can show you how to utilise hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis techniques to remove any fear or anxiety about the birth, and generate relaxation therefore reducing pain sensation and creating a harmony within your mind and body.


Our emotional response is where we often start to panic and controlling your emotional reaction through self-hypnosis can help you to prevent stressful feelings from kicking in.


If you’re sick of hearing people’s ugly birth stories, and want to claim a relaxed birth where you feel calm, relaxed and in control, you will find hypno-birthing is a huge bonus!

Click to play some of the videos below, and if you would like to chat about using hypnotherapy one-to-one or want me to provide you with a full hypnosis session recording to use during your birth, please let me know using the contact form on my website here.

FREE - If you would like a free 25 minute 'Calm Down Now' MP3 audio please let me know using the contact form - and I will send it over to you directly using WhatsApp.