Christmas Gift Card: The gift of hypnotherapy!

As we start to wrap up 2020, we begin to set ourselves goals for the new year. Have you got a loved one who is wanting to overcome something? Or perhaps the gift of hypnotherapy is on your wish list! Here's how I can help...

I am currently offering Christmas Gift Cards, offering one full session of Hypnotherapy to the recipient. Plus you receive a FREE GIFT pack of Buddha & The Bee Motivational A5 cards for framing and gifting, or keeping for you, worth £23.95!

There is always room for change & positive improvement in our lives and if your loved one receives this gift, we can work to retrain their subconscious mind and break old habits to form new empowering beliefs. What an amazing Christmas gift!

If you would like to purchase the Christmas Gift Card, you can enquire on my website or message me on Facebook xx

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