How to beat the January Blues

January can feel like a never-ending month for a number of reasons. Many of you will have had time off of work over the Christmas period, and now it's time to get back into a normal routine. The cold weather and dark evenings can really effect the way we feel... here are a few ways to beat the January Blues!

Make Time for Relaxation

Getting enough rest is vital for our overall wellness. The combination of cold weather and lockdown resorts us to not burning off enough energy throughout the day. Every evening, dedicate an hour to winding down and shutting off from your devices. Perhaps try one of my MP3 Relaxations, plug in, press play and relax...

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Look after your health

It's time to be more considerate of your overall health both physically and mentally. Really take the time to check in with yourself and how you are feeling at the beginning of each day. Perhaps write down a list of things you want to do to ensure you feel good today. What does your body need? What does your body want?

Get Organised!

Living in a messy environment can be overwhelming and can really weigh you down. It's time to get organised! Perhaps you want to declutter your wardrobe, or maybe, you could redecorate your bedroom! Whatever you decide, the change will be liberating.

Get Creative

Finding something creative to do will allow your inner child to come out to play. This can be a great activity to de-stress and simply have a little fun. Is there a recipe you've always wanted to bake? Or perhaps you have little ones that you want to spend time with. Creative activities are brilliant for bonding and you'll be grateful for these little moments when reflecting mid-week.

Practise Gratitude

Gratitude allows us to focus in on the positive elements of our lives. By practising gratitude, we are able to recognise and give credit to the moments that have brought us joy. Practising gratitude during times of worry and hardship can play a huge part in the success of recovery. The benefits can include stronger understanding of your emotions, development of your ability to be compassionate and some people have even reported to have a stronger immune system.

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