People seeking CHANGE in their lives tend to think that “change” is the result of some big decision. And while all those things can be beneficial, it’s the small stuff that ends up bringing about the BIGGEST change.


What if you could create change in approx 10 minutes a day? A few minutes a day for seven days and you will feel calmer, stronger, & better connected. Ease away tension, bring back that smile!


Each day access the audio that feels right for you or go through the list in order, either is perfect. You will hear what you need each session, and your subconscious mind will absorb new ways of responding, behaving and feeling very quickly. 


Change just got really simple, really easily!


A list of the different audios that you will download to use for life.


  • Cup of Worries (13mins audio)
  • Treat Yourself Kindly (15mins audio)
  • Body & Mind Slow Down (9mins audio)
  • Shield Yourself (12mins audio)
  • Body Tense & Relax (8mins audio)
  • Let the Storm Pass (14mins audio)
  • Feeling Overwhelmed (8mins audio)


A small amount of time each day for just 7 days (these audios are between 8m & 15m each) to remove worry, change your perspective on issues, quash negative feelings & responses and shield yourself from stress around you.


Feel calm, energised and back on track! Your ‘7-days to CHANGE’ plan where you can feel like you have taken back control. Give yourself the space you deserve...


You can go back to these whenever you feel you need a little support. Use them time and again, when life seems to throw you a curve-ball or to maintain better emotional health (or even when you just fancy a bit of a chillout with my guidance!).