PANIC ATTACKS - Two horror inducing words...


This full session hypnotherapy for panic attacks MP3 will eliminate the symptoms, and reduce feelings of fear and intense worry. Hypnotherapy for panic attacks can help you develop the ability to access the calmer state of mind needed, to overcome the often-overwhelming emotions you are living with. 


I know how overwhelming it can be to suffer with panic attacks, either day or night and often when you least expect it! I have proven results to allow you to be free of panic attacks and their debilitating symptoms. 


Panic attacks can be life-limiting and stop you from doing things you used to love (or feel you should be able to do anyway). FEAR: Fantasty Envisaged As Real - helps us to understand how we have created the fear or panic, because we weren't born with it, it is simply a set of unwanted responses we have learned using the primitive flight or flight response, and the power of our imagination keeps us locked in there, so using hypnotherapy, we can remove those unhelpful beliefs, fast!

I can show you simple techniques during the hypnosis session that allows you to 'throw away' those feelings that arise when you are in a panic. I have had remarkable results after just one session where the client has been asked to think about something that was making them anxious and the reply was 'I am not sure I know how to feel anxious now'... How can you argue with that?

I have met clients who have suffered daily (or nightly) with panic attacks, no longer have them after just one session of hypnotherapy (more accompanying sessions have been used to ensure all aspects of anxiety have also been diluted or removed).


Let's not lie, panic attacks are totally life limiting. If you are an 'over-worrier' or someone who thinks too much, or 'makes a meal' out of what seems to be relatively simple issues to others, then you WILL benefit greatly from this hypnotherapy session.