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Let me coach you through a 12 week programme to find a happier you!


Starting with an assessment to get a baseline understanding of how happy you are now. You'll then work on different areas each week, all proven to impact levels of happiness.


Each week, there's a homework task for you to do, as well as resources and information to help you understand and grow.


At the end of the 12 weeks, you'll review your progress and take the assessments again to find out how your happiness levels have improved.


Each week brings a different focus for you, as follows:


Week 1 Measure Your Happiness

Week 2 Use Your Strengths

Week 3 Gratitude

Week 4 Give To Others

Week 5 Connect With Others

Week 6 Be Active

Week 7 Be Present

Week 8 Learn New Skills

Week 9 Sleep

Week 10 Nutrition

Week 11 Spend Time In Nature

Week 12 Review & Reflect


Go through these steps in order as each will give something different but timely for your future happiness.



My Happiness Journal: 12wks To A Happier You!

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