Sleep is absolutely an essential component in our continuing health and well-being. It is an important part of our 24hr day (or night!). The restorative cycle of sleep means the body is able to rest, refresh, recover and continue to function normally the next day.

For many of us, sleep is a normal and easy part of our routine. We know the health benefits and importance of sleep, but actually, few of us truly appreciate how much we need it or know what actually happens to us when we don’t get enough (think jet-lag when you are trying to get home from the airport after an over-night flight, yuk!). On average, an adult will need seven to eight hours of sleep each night. Don't get it and look out...!

It is thought that one in three adults are affected by sleep problems.


Depression and Sleep... Research suggests that people with insomnia have ten times the risk of developing depression as people who sleep really well. And people who are depressed commonly struggle with insomnia, showing symptoms such as difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking up feeling rested. It is a really quite viscous cycle... 

If you have insomnia, you may:


  • find it difficult to fall asleep 

  • lie awake for long periods at night 

  • feel tired and irritable and have difficulty concentrating

  • wake up several times during the night for no reason

  • wake up in the early hours and not be able to get back to sleep 

  • not feel refreshed when you get up, in fact feel almost hungover

  • find it hard to sleep during the day, despite feeling tired 

It is totally debiltating and can be the cause of minor accidents at home or major accidents on the road!

So, how can I help you?


  • Teaching you proper relaxation techniques to help your mind slow down at bedtime.

  • Show you techniques to stop your mind racing along at night when you are trying to get off to sleep.

  • Help you to understand some of the causes of insomnia and sleeping problems.


As little as one hypnotherapy session can lead to a significant improvement in your sleep and I can send you home with a beautiful SLEEP DEEPLY audio MP3 too!

"Di has helped completely change my life, she has helped massively with anxiety and panic attacks. 1000000% recommend and she is so lovely too!" Chelsea Brown

"What can I say!! Di is amazing, she is my hypno hero one very special kind hearted lady that is helping me with my many layers." Lesley Trowbridge