Imagine being able to increase staff morale, decrease sickness leave, improve productivity and get staff motivation rocketing!


Have you ever had a member of staff nervous about presenting? How much does it cost you when a member of your team is signed off with stress?


Reorganisation, redundancy and uncertainty can cause anxiety and de-motivation. Dealing with lack of motivation in the work place?


I provide amazing relaxation solutions, supporting your employee health and well-being. Also encouraging a happy, healthy and motivated staff team. 

In our fast-paced modern world, full of worries and stress. It is becoming more and more important to find ways to find ways to relax, de-stress, and enhance our quality of life. One of the easiest ways to learn and experience deep relaxation is to partake in group guided relaxation classes, which I can now offer in your workplace.

Just a short session of relaxation and quiet focus strengthens the connections between regions of the brain that regulate our emotional responses.

No previous experience of relaxation or meditation is reuired. The session is totally guided. No special clothing is needed and groups can be held in any small room, office, time-out area. If employees wish they can bring a yoga mat or blanket to the session, a warm pair of socks, or just come as they are. You can place seats in the room or we can relax on a clean floor. It's that easy!

If you want to discuss opportunities at your workplace please contact me. I can come and meet with you and chat about your requirements and look at a suitable room.
The cost per session is £150, and this is to work with a group of employees at a session (advised 15 persons max). Multiple sessions can be booked on the same day if necessary for larger corporations. Regular sessions or monthly/weekly groups can be arranged in advance.
My History:I have previously been both self-employed and a business owner and held a senior management position in a corporate environment, relocating during the week to the London area, and living the stressful, fast paced life expected of me!

I have used hypnotherapy and meditation since my teens and found I leant on it heavily when the work stress took over...(quite often!).


I decided to change my path and take control of my life and stress levels, and now work as a qualified hypnotherapist. I am home based for individual sessions, but work locally alongside companies to bring relaxation and stress relief to the workplace. 
This could be exactly what your employees are looking for, and help you to have an effective and productive workplace (and a relaxed one too!). I look forward to working with you.

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