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I work with businesses of all sizes to create and maintain positive, beneficial change within the work environment and personal lives of employees. Using simple, effective solutions for stress management, productivity, support and personal welfare.


For many of us, work is a major part of our lives. It is where we spend much of our time, where we get our income and often where we make our friends. Having a fulfilling job can be good for your mental health and general wellbeing.


Good mental health at work and good management go hand in hand and there is strong evidence that workplaces with high levels of mental wellbeing are more productive.

Imagine being able to increase staff morale, decrease sickness absence, improve productivity and get staff motivation rocketing! Have you ever had a member of staff nervous about presenting? How much does it cost you when a member of your team is signed off with stress? Is productivity down?

As we live in a world that provides more pressure to our work forces, from faster responses, 24hr a day communication, higher expectations of always being ‘switched on’ - and all the while the world becomes a smaller place, singular, often a lack of personal interaction and support. More is expected of us, so we may be overwhelmed with such processes as we strive to continually perform and deliver… More and more, better and better!


So, here’s what I know… By the time clients come to me, they are often already overwhelmed. Whether it is from their personal or professional lives, pressure, stress, this juggling act… So, with the clear and effective solutions I provide,  you can easily move from Overwhelmed to Over It!

I will support you to maintain your employee mental health and wellbeing in a positive, solutions focused way. Encouraging a happy, healthy and motivated team. Helping you and them to understand how to LISTEN to the signals they are being given by the subconscious mind, and to respond quickly and effectively to maintain a safe coping strategy.

Just a short session of relaxation and quiet focus strengthens the connections between regions of the brain that regulate our emotional responses, once you know what you need to do.

I will teach you and your team my quick


to creating unbelievable change. FIVE simple techniques to create better perspective, less stress, more mental clarity, clearer goals, calmer responses and a feeling of freedom from being overwhelmed, and how we cope.



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in person or digital - you decide!


In person or on zoom (or Teams if you prefer to use your own connection) motivational speaker Di Goddard will deliver your corporate package and discuss the '5 STEP APPROACH' to mental wellbeing at work.


This 90min session brings a full understanding of why we often feel so overwhelmed, and how to create effective change. A unique look into the subconscious mind and how we create patterns that often don't serve us well. I will give you the power to create the change you desire. Freedom from anxiety, stress, and a shift in perspective.


A lively educating session with an interactive Q&A session at the end if required. An opportunity for employees to meet Di Goddard and feel the energy created by the session. To have access to reframing techniques and employees will come away with a feeling they have been supported and have all the tool they require for a smoother day to day life, leading to better productivity in the workplace. 

A simple 5-step guided approach to go from Overwhelmed to Over It!

You will have access to an online catalogue of relaxation sessions (audio), unique video demonstrations and guided meditations. I will also supply links to mental health support facilites that can be access in confidence by you or others using this service.


You will be given unlimited access to these services on my website using a unique log in and passcode for the first year and thereafter further annual subscriptions are available at a discounted price if you wish to continue this support for your teams.


Information and advice on how often each session can be used, and how to access immediate relief from stress and panic will also be supplied clearly.

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Over It!

My History: I have previously been both self-employed and a business owner and held senior management positions in a corporate environment, relocating during the week across the UK, and living the stressful, fast paced life expected of me!

I have used hypnotherapy and meditation since my teens and found I leant on it heavily when the work stress took over...(quite often!).


I woke up to how unhealthy living such a fast paced, overwhelming work life was becoming. I needed to change my path and take control of my life and stress levels, and now work as a qualified hypnotherapist and motivational speaker. I use an abundance of personal and professional experiences to really connect to others, and come from a place of complete understanding.


Creating safe, effective and affordable solutions for you - bringing a calmer, happier, more effective work environment - productivity increases, absences decrease. It's a win for employees and a win for you too! Imagine a space full of calm creative, positive minds, hard working with stress under control, imagine it and then let me help you to create it.