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There is always room for change & positive improvement  in our lives and if you are willing to put in the work to retrain your subconscious mind and break old habits to form new empowering beliefs, then I would love to help you make that change!


Hello... I am Di Goddard and I am a solutions focused hypnotherapist. I have always been interested in people and how their thoughts and experiences affect them. With a huge passion for helping people and my own personal life-changing experiences of hypnotherapy, I soon realised that this was what I wanted to do all the time!


I have an extended personal history of the benefits of hypnotherapy, and have used it since I was a teenager for an array of different issues, such as OCD, stress management and relaxation. I have also found great benefit in using hypnotherapy for grief support after a series of close personal losses. 


Hypnotherapy changed my outlook on life and gave me a new sense of self-worth. I finally began to understand what happiness felt like again. I find hypnosis my 'go to tool' for pretty much everything,. 


Hypnosis is the 'calm in the storm of life' and am a fully qualified and insured practicing clinical hypnotherapist, enjoying watching it benefit those who spend time in my therapy room. Remember, I am focused on finding a solution for you right away. I will work with you to change the feelings and responses that you have, to the ones you really desire.

I practice from a dedicated garden office with a separate entrance at my home, which is a calm and safe environment, with no interruptions (although I have found my cat Trevor peering through the glass a few times hoping to become friends!). I also offer Zoom sessions for those of you unable to travel to me. They are just as effective, it is actually how I work with my own hypnotherapist!


I look forward to welcoming you there soon. My aim is always that you leave feeling the best you can possibly feel.

Di Goddard Dip.H. S.S.O.H.

Solutions Focused Hypnotherapist 

Mindful Mental Health Practitioner

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