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"I had hypnotherapy to quit smoking, as I've tried several different ways in the past and none of them worked. When I arrived Di made me feel very welcome, and I instantly felt very comfortable and relaxed. Di talked me through everything, so I knew what to expect. All I can say now is WOW, I am now a non smoker after 30+ years of smoking. I cannot believe how easy it's been to give up. Thank you very much Di, I appreciate your help. I will be seeing you next time for my phobia" 

Lynda Hurst

"I cannot believe that I ever left it so long to do this! I kept my end of the deal with myself and with Di and I really did benefit from our sessions and feel much more in control of my emotional eating pattern, I understand more about my triggers and how to stop them and how to respect myself more, and ask myself that question every time I eat now 'What is the purpose of this?' and it really does work! Thank you so much Di. Going to keep listening to my MP3 recordings too."

Donna L

Di is an amazing hypnotherapist and a wonderful person. She instantly made me feel at ease and her sessions are so relaxing yet rejuvenating. My sessions are based around anxiety and I can see a huge difference after having my sessions, my husband actually can't believe the difference in me in such a short amount of time. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is thinking of having hypnotherapy or even if you just want some time for yourself to relax.

Cathy Weaver

"Cannot recommend Di highly enough. To anyone that wants to stop smoking. For a person that was on 20 a day plus to go to nothing is amazing. It's been a month now and still going strong. I should have done it years ago. I have more energy and don't smell of smoke. Plus I don't get tired as much which lets me do more with my family Thanks again Di you really have changed my life."

Will Sumbler

Lovely Di has helped me address an issue which also caused anxiety I was harbouring with for over 10 years. It’s early days, but already I feel so much confident, positive and ready to face my fears. Di is so very caring, sincere about helping you achieve a positive outcome. Thank you Di you’re an absolute angel. Xxxxx

Sheri Kingston

"I loved my first experience of hypnotherapy today. The venue was lovely & Di was so professional and welcoming. I came out feeling truly relaxed and not even anxious anymore. Thankyou Di."

Sherri N

5 litres of diet coke aday for thirty odd years. One hour session and as yet not drank a drop! Beautiful location, calm and Di is an absolute treasure. I do not regret one thing about my experience and keen to book another very soon to stop smoking. This is going to benefit me in so many ways, physically and mentally, essential you bite the bullet and try it!

Zoe Rooney

I went to Di to stop me from snacking on sugary food 4 days ago. I haven't eaten or even want to eat anything sugary. I also have more energy & have lost 4lb.

Paula Hann

Words can not truly describe how incredible this lady truly is. Di made me feel completely welcome from the instant she opened the gate. This incredible lady made me understand that I am enough and has allowed me to take on life with a spring in my step. If you are hesitant, I can wholeheartedly reassure you, just make that appointment! Di is life changing and you will not regret it.

Dawn Howell

A friend recommended Di to me for some anxiety habits I have had since I was 4... being in my twenties and continuing these habits I did not think anything would ever change them and I was stuck with them for the rest of my life! Well... I am astonished that since I left Di’s cosy therapy room - I have not reverted back to this habit once! I can’t believe it and I instantly have a bit more confidence now I am not that weirdo anymore 🤗 I have other things I want to address and have already booked another session with Di to face those! 
Thank you so much...

Charlotte Diment

WOW.....just WOW am I sure glad I was recommended Di... I went to see her today, and I'm not going to lie I was very apprehensive about it, will it work for me, will it actually make a difference, how long will it last, will old habits creep back in.....

As soon as I arrived at her home, she instantly made me feel relaxed, she talked me through the process, and what I wanted to get out the session how I felt about myself. The next hour or so was all about me....💕
How she tapped into my subconscious was amazing, the last thing I remembered her saying was about pulling a plug, the next was to open my eyes.

I left Di, feeling extremely relax and confident about how my relationship with food was going to be different.

The reason I went to see Di was that my willpower just seemed to have disappeared, I began to have a very unhealthy relationship with food, I found my boredom eating was getting worse, eating for the sake of eating, not making right choices when it came to meals, not stopping when I felt full etc. I had tried many different ways of losing weight but I found I would do so well for a while then self sabotage happened I knew then something had to give. 

Today I've felt like shes robbed me of the old me but I know the new one I have is only going to give me amazing I've been at work and hit many DANGER moments where I would have eaten/picked but I had my breakfast and didn't even think about snacking or eating for the sake of it!  5 🌟 isn't enough for this lady.... THANK YOU SO MUCH 

Naomi Isabel

Di Goddard is absolutely the best. She is so professional, so empathetic, she is just lovely and gives you confidence straight away. Not only that but just one session - ONE SESSION....and my problem was sorted. I feel normal again. Would I recommend Di - 1000%.

Caroline Cunningham

One incredible woman. If you need help with almost any issue Di can help. I started suffering with anxiety and stress and Di had a massive affect on me in just one session. If you have an open mind and want it to work it will and I believe Di is the best person to help with that journey. I happily have regular sessions even when all is ok just because it’s a truly enjoyable and relaxing experience. Book your appointment today, you won’t regret it

Andrew Bowers


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