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If you lined up all the pain and trauma that had come your way over the years, the broken relationships, the things you saw that you wish you hadn’t, the people you lost, the grief that ripped through you, the rejection you felt with every fibre of your body, the fear that was sometimes out of your control, maybe then you would sit quietly with yourself and show yourself some much needed love, comfort, self-respect, and a lot of understanding.


Perhaps then, you could stop for a while and with a gentleness, realise that all that you have been through has beaten you black and blue at times, that it has been exhausting, that it’s been unfair… That really, it has been too much for you to bear.


When you realise that, when you realise the enormity of how much you have had to deal with in life, you can understand why healing is needed at a deeper level, why tackling the root causes will give you the freedom from all the pain that you so deserve.

The Inner Healing Awakening is a programme designed to heal trauma and pain and move yourself from a state of perpetual exhaustion into a space where you feel really alive, really comfortable with who you are and how much you value your self-worth!

Yep, that's right! Its time for real change from deep within...

Congratulations on taking the first step in looking for help, support and guidance to find the solutions you’re looking for.

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I promise, I’ve got you and the time is now. 

Dawn Howell

Words cannot truly describe how incredible this lady is. Di made me feel completely welcome from the minute I met her. This incredible lady made me understand that 'I am enough', and has allowed me to take on life with a spring in my step. Di is life changing and you will not regret it.
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Meet Di

As a solutions focused hypnotherapist I've had the privilege of helping thousands of lovely clients over the years... a diverse group of people but a majority have one thing in common...


They are just trying to survive in a chaotic world, when often the odds are stacked against them...


They are just like you and I, they are exhausted by the amount of tough times they have experienced, often through no fault of their own... Yet still, they have a genuine desire to grow and be the best version of themselves.

I am personally invested in their (and your) change, as I do this from a place of real understanding. Let me tell you why... 


I struggled with anxiety since my early teens, I have struggled with OCDs and TICs (both vocal and physical), and I know they sometimes appear if I am in a tough place.


I have been 'thrown away' in relationships that broke my young heart, and really believed it was my fault, that if only I could have been better, thinner, sexier... (hmmm I know differently now I promise!)


I have held those I love the very most as they have passed, my eldest daughter at the age of 22, in 2015 after 4.5yrs of multi-organ failure... Her bestie passed away 14 months later in a tragic accident, my wonderful Pa, his loss 12 months after was just too much, and many more to mention, all who have left huge gaps in my heart, left me feeling beaten black and blue with the pain of loss. 


Also, as I sit writing this, I am supporting my husband, through his journey with relapsed stage 4 lymphoma, a blood cancer that is truly devastating to the body.   


We are all at different ages and stages in our lives, but often, we shoulder our pain, stress and anxiety silently, choosing to persevere and "push through" rather than actually look after ourselves and truly heal..

Using the methods I teach you in this programme, you can truly heal, learn, lean in and listen to what you need and TAKE IT!

Often, behind that strong facade, you're desperately searching for a bit of release, for support and understanding... Mostly really needing freedom from those ails, anxieties, panic, stress related responses, addictions and self-loathing.


That's where I step in, I realise that too many of us are struggling with the same things. This is what prompted me to design this programme for change.

With this simple yet effective programme, I will guide you on a journey of complete release, huge change, freedom from all the 'time after time' knocks you feel yourself struggling through. 

What's in the programme?

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The Inner Healing Awakening is a complete programme designed to heal trauma and pain and move you from a state of perpetual exhaustion, into a space where you feel really alive and comfortable with who you are, and then 'super charge' your value & your self-worth!

What's in the Workbook?

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What the heck is going on?

We are all humans with feelings and we all started experiencing emotions when we were young. As we grow to be adults, we start taking responsibilities. We're faced with several hurdles and challenges, and as life keeps happening with or without our consent, we will experience a dramatic change in our emotions every day.


We feel we do not get appreciated enough for what we do and this chaotic world of modern life we found ourselves in becomes somewhat herculean to navigate. In all of this, one of the things that we fail to do is to see how the emotions we hold on to affect our health and the impact it has on our mental and physiological state.


While we unconsciously find it needless to take a break to reflect and pay close attention to what we’re feeling, the negative and trapped emotions gradually dampen our greater sense of wellbeing and prevent us from enjoying the emotional freedom we deserve. As humans, it's pertinent for us to learn to move through our emotions and not just avoid them like they don't exist because of the underlying negative effects it has and the huge toll it can take.


To enjoy a more authentic life, cultivate deeper relationships, and thrive in work and life, we must learn to embrace change, enhance our emotional agility, and get unstuck. And thankfully, this book helps you explore tips to foster your emotional intelligence. It furnishes you with healthy ideas to work with your negative emotions, and enhances your ability to overcome stuck, negative, and trapped emotions to enjoy the true, unadulterated emotional freedom you deserve.

What If You Can Move From

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ANGER to Calmness

ANNOYANCE  to Satisfaction

FEAR to Courage

ANXIETY to Serenity


GUILT to Innocence

APATHY to Enthusiasm


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What hypnotherapy sessions do I get?

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Each part of the programme is supported by multiple hypnosis and meditation audios, each can be used in your own time, at your own pace, and can be used as a wonderful support throughout the rest of your life.

Letting Go x 5 audios

Deep Healing x 5 audios

Personal Growth x 5 audios

7 Days of Meditation x 7 videos

PAUSE: Moments of Calm x 12 audios

That's 27 audios & 7 videos right there!!


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I see you! It is truly time... Shall we?

The characteristics of people with good mental health...

They have high self-esteem and they're self-confident

They have the ability to build and maintain fulfilling relationships

They can balance work and play

They're flexible to adapt to change and learn new skills

They have a sense of meaning in their relationships and activities

They have the ability to bounce back from adversity and deal with stress

They have the ability to laugh and have fun and they have a zest for living

They have a sense of contentment.

Are you ready for this?

Hands up
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