Become a member of my VIP Membership Group and benefit from online therapy and support on a regular basis plus lots of additional benefits including discounts and freebies! 

By becoming a VIP, you get to access to regular self-care, and personal growth, whether it’s dealing with anxiety and stress, self-esteem and confidence, weight loss, goal setting, motivation or anything else you may be struggling with!


It's tough out there at the moment to even feel CONNECTED. People are cautious, uncertain, and I for one, feel a little isolated... do you?


By becoming a VIP, you will receive my full attention and priority services, as I help you to overcome any obstacles through Weekly Group Zoom Calls, regular Interaction, a private page on this website where you can access all resources including 20+ hypnosis session audios.


You will also get up to 50% off any 1-2-1 sessions in my office (or via zoom), videos, and guided meditations, a private Facebook group, PDF downloads, freebies and offers, and a knowledge that I will be championing you every step of the way! How much will this cost? Just £35 per month!

The MONTHLY membership fee is an amazing saving, as one 60 minute session with me is normally £80 minimum, but with this option it gives me a way to offer you continual support and unlimited access to resources! 

At just £35 it's an absolute bargain! 

I look forward to having you join us in the group, and can’t wait to meet you! 

🤩 VIP Facebook Group with full access to Di Goddard & regular interaction and SUPPORT.

🤩 Access to my FULL ONLINE CATALOGUE of hypnosis session recordings (there are heaps including anxiety, stress, depression, weight loss, self-esteem etc!), full meditations, videos & documents to download, print & keep. The list is extensive, and regularly updated.

🤩 Weekly VIP Zoom hypnosis group sessions (Mondays at 8pm), with 'catch up' recordings saved to the Facebook Group if you cannot join live. So you’ll never miss out and can replay as often as you like.

🤩 Priority Access to Appointments with 20% OFF 1-2-1 sessions. 

🤩 FREE copy of my 20 page Meditation Workbook (sold on my website). 

🤩 FREE copy of my Overcome Anxiety Workbook (sold on my website).


🤩 FREE copy of my Elevate Self-Love Programme (sold on my website).

🤩 Regular Updates and NEW material AS IT LAUNCHES!


Be part of this exclusive support group, focused on your well-being - creating change together is the top of our priority. With different hypnosis topics each week in our LIVE sessions and you get to choose!


You can cancel your subscription at any time, without question. Once cancelled, when your subscription runs out you will no longer be able to access the group or the online content. You can of course, rejoin at any time.



Showing just some of what you get, below:

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