How can Hypnotherapy help your anxiety?

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Here at Di Goddard Hypnotherapy, I offer hypnotherapy sessions tailored to your specific needs and anxieties. Hypnotherapy for anxiety will help boost your confidence and self-belief, while reducing feelings of fear and intense worry. If you have found yourself on this page, chances are this is because you feel curious about how hypnotherapy can help you.

Hypnotherapy for phobias and fears can help you develop the ability to access the calmer state of mind needed, to overcome the often-overwhelming emotions you are living with. A session of hypnotherapy will allow you to discover the tools you need to overcome worry in an episode of anxiety. I can show you simple techniques during the hypnosis session that allows you to 'throw away' those feelings that arise when you are anxious.

Anxiety is life-limiting and it is time to make an investment in yourself. You have the capability to overcome these feelings, you just need someone to guide you through it. Sessions for anxiety include, but not limited to: breathing techniques, muscle relaxation techniques, visualisation removal processes, limiting negative thoughts, and much more.

"One incredible woman. If you need help with almost any issue Di can help. I started suffering with anxiety and stress and Di had a massive affect on me in just one session. If you have an open mind and want it to work it will and I believe Di is the best person to help with that journey. I happily have regular sessions even when all is ok just because it’s a truly enjoyable and relaxing experience. Book your appointment today, you won’t regret it"

Andrew Bowers

Join me here for a quick moment to Slow The Mind.

Aside from full hypnotherapy sessions, I also currently offer MP3 downloads to assist you to remove anxiety for your personal use in the comfort of your own home. From easing away panic attacks to a complete anxiety removal package, I'm sure together we can reduce/remove your levels of anxiety.

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