Hypnotherapy and New Years Resolutions

New Years Eve is the perfect time to create positive habits for the upcoming year. If we truly want change, we can achieve it. Creating a New Years resolution is making a commitment to yourself to achieve the life you want. Is there something you want to overcome this year? Hypnotherapy can support you, whatever your goals.

The first step is to make sure you are choosing to do your resolution for yourself. You may think 'well, who else would I be doing it for?' - but you would be amazed at the amount of clients that are pushed to attend a hypnotherapy session by a loved one! Shoved in the right direction when they are not quite ready yet. But if you ARE ready, I am waiting for you.


Has anxiety taken over your life? Perhaps your New Years resolution is take back control. Anxiety is life-limiting and it is time to make an investment in yourself. You have the capability to overcome these feelings, you just need someone to guide you through it. Sessions for anxiety include, but not limited to: breathing techniques, muscle relaxation techniques, visualisation removal processes, limiting negative thoughts, and much more. Together we can take your anxiety levels down to zero...

Quit Smoking

A huge part of smoking cessation is letting go of the smoking routine you once

had and thinking about cigarettes differently. Hypnotherapy is becoming one of the most popular forms of treatment to help you to quit smoking now! You are in safe hands, this year I helped 44 people quit smoking for good. This could be you. Saving you money and time, and giving yourself the gift of better health and freedom.

Improve Your Sleep

Have you found that your quality of sleep has reduced throughout 2020? Hypnotherapy is a popular way of tackling insomnia and general troubles with sleeping. It allows me to help you alter the way you view your sleeping routine and can have a positive impact on many elements of your life. Hypnotherapy helps change our internal dialogue so that new patterns can be achieved. If we tell ourselves we won't sleep, then guess what? That's it, we won't sleep.

Weight Control

Have you tried and failed 'diets' in the past? Hypnotherapy can have sensational results with weight loss and management:

  • Developing a new self image. See yourself in the future after losing weight and make that your desired future outcome.

  • Learning to be more relaxed about weight loss and weight management. Stress is often a serious factor in bad diet and comfort eating.

  • Positive thinking about weight and diet. Start looking forward to losing weight and achieving your goals.

  • Deleting old ways of thinking, by recognising when the bad habits started and removing old beliefs and therefore stopping the sabotage!

  • Creating a nicer view of yourself, so you CAN start to feel better about yourself. This will help you to lose weight and, of course, losing weight will help you to feel even better about who you are and what you can achieve. Most people expect to have to lose weight in order to feel good about who they are. Interestingly, when you start to feel good about yourself, weight loss, health and happiness will follow.

What are your New Years Resolutions? Book now here.