Di Goddard Hypnotherapy: Zoom Sessions

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Good evening everyone xx

We are a couple of weeks into the second lockdown, and my online zoom sessions are in full swing. If you have an upcoming session or if you are looking to book, you can be assured that I get the same exceptional results over zoom sessions as I do in the cabin!

Now more than ever it is important to look after your emotional health and well being. Continue reading to find out how you can enhance your online hypnotherapy session, all in the comfort of your own home.


One of the perks of having hypnotherapy from home is that you can create your own calm environment. Find somewhere you can lie down and feel comfortable; perhaps your bed or sofa. Before your session, you can cancel out any distractions to ensure you can get deeply relaxed for your session.


Dim the lights to bring immediate calm to your session. This will help you prepare for your session as your brain will be receptive to this kind of light.

Electronics and Devices

You will be greeted by me by simply logging into the Zoom meeting. Make sure you have enough battery on your device for the duration of the session (maybe plug it in to be safe!)

"Lovely Zoom Hypnotherapy session with the gorgeous Di Goddard Hypnotherapy Amazing to be able to help myself in lockdown. Highly recommend ❤️ " -Vanessa

Together we will continue to smash anxiety, destroy phobias, crush smoking cravings and generally feel flippin amazing...

This is where the magic happens for a short while. All you need is a comfy space, a good internet connection and the desire for change.

Plus, don’t forget our regular Monday 8pm hypnosis relaxation sessions!