Manage your time better and reduce anxiety!

Time management can improve the quality of the way we work and can keep us disciplined when we have run out of motivation. Whether you are naturally punctual or always fashionably late, here are some tips on how to run your day more smoothly! Feeling overworked can contribute to feelings of anxiety. Read on for ideas on improving your time management and how I can help remove your anxiety.

Change your perception of time

Working to deadlines may add an element of pressure to whatever it is you are hoping to achieve. Try and change the way you view deadlines. Whether you are studying, working or simply doing something within a certain time frame because you want to, you will feel a sense of accomplishment if you manage your time well!

Breaking a task into small manageable chunks can really help when working towards a deadline.

"I want to write 300 words before lunch" is more manageable than "I have to write a 2000 word essay by next week." Not to mention the sense of achievement you will get after each milestone!

Learn when to say "No"

You may remember I previously wrote a blog post with Tips on how to set boundaries. Setting boundaries can be a challenging and intimidating task but is vital when we are working on our time management skills. Learning to say no when you have too much on will ensure that you will focus on completing one task at a time, rather than worrying about multiple tasks.

Create earlier targets

Running ahead of a deadline will allow you to have more flexibility should you face any hiccups along the way. Creating earlier targets will also enable you to become more efficient with the way you are working.

To be early is to be on time... you will reduce stress automatically!

Prioritise your workload

Often when we have a long list of tasks to achieve, we automatically focus on the ones that seem less demanding. Try and avoid multitasking and focus on your projects in chronological order.

Anxiety management

Here at Di Goddard Hypnotherapy, I help people with anxiety remove what appears to have taken over and crippled their lives, without the need to talk for hours. Click here to find out how I can help remove your anxiety! You have nothing to lose xx

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