Self Care Sunday

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Hello you lovely lot. It's Sunday, and that can only mean one thing... self care Sunday! Practising self care will allow you to process the week you have just experienced and prepare you for the upcoming week. Consider this your day to check in with yourself, allow time for things you love and to reset. You can do whatever you like, the only rule is that you do something for yourself today.


The most important meal of the day! During the week we can be easily tempted to have that extra half an hour in bed, rather than beginning our day with the fuel it needs. Not on Sundays! After you've had a restful sleep in, its time to pop to the kitchen and create your favourite breakfast. Something you wouldn't usually have time to make, and enjoy every mouthful.


Jot down some notes about how you are feeling today. Perhaps create a little "to-do list" of things you would like to do for yourself today. Set yourself achievable short-term goals for the upcoming week. Planning in advance should relieve some anxiety. What meals can you plan ahead of time? What time do you want to be in bed by to allow a full restful nights sleep? Scheduling these things in advance may have a large impact - result!

Get Creative

Finding something creative to do will allow your inner child to come out to play. This can be a great activity to de-stress and simply have a little fun. Is there a recipe you've always wanted to bake? Or perhaps you have little ones that you want to spend time with. Creative activities are brilliant for bonding and you'll be grateful for these little moments when reflecting mid-week.


The best bit of the day... make yourself an "at home spa". Run the bubbliest bubble bath you can imagine and take more time and care than usual for your skincare routine - this evening is about you. Use that candle you have been saving for a special occasion - this is that special occasion.

Relax before Bed

After a slow-paced yet full day of practising self care, it is time to wind down and get ready for bed. The restorative cycle of sleep means the body is able to rest, refresh, recover and continue to function normally the next day. If you feel that sleep is something you generally struggle with, as little as one hypnotherapy session can lead to a significant improvement in your sleep. You can also download the Sleep Deeply MP3 recording here - rest well, sleep deeply and get used to your new routine... Listen to this recording at bedtime, and switch off from the world for a good nights sleep.

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