The importance of practising gratitude

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Gratitude allows us to focus in on the positive elements of our lives. By practising gratitude, we are able to recognise and give credit to the moments that have brought us joy. Practising gratitude during times of worry and hardship can play a huge part in the success of recovery. The benefits can include stronger understanding of your emotions, development of your ability to be compassionate and some people have even reported to have a stronger immune system.

These benefits alone can give you the boost to begin to practise gratitude, however, everyday life can get in the way. Here are some ideas to help you maintain a positive lifestyle whilst practising gratitude.

Be Realistic

Recognise obstacles that may prevent you from practising gratitude. You might be more of a morning person by nature, so utilise the motivation you have when you wake up and write down or verbalise what you presently feel thankful for. If you are more of a night owl you can reflect on the day you have just experienced, practise gratitude and head off to sleep.

Develop the complexity of your thanks

When journaling your gratitude, it can be easy to find yourself writing more general sentences such as "I am grateful for my loved ones" or "I am grateful for my home". Try and dig deeper. "Today my partner made me a cup of tea when I was upset," or "I am grateful to have a safe and private space to grow" are good examples of this. The added depth to your gratitude will allow you to think of specific things you may have not previously acknowledged. This will open your heart to finding new things and will further enhance your gratitude practise.

Get people involved

Our relationships play a fundamental part in our overall happiness. Developing your understanding of what makes others happy may have a ripple effect on you. If you struggle to find a moment to yourself, why not actively get other people involved? Practising gratitude within a social environment can be a positive experience, be it around the dinner table with your family or with your colleagues as a team building exercise.

Here is a little gratitude exercise from me to you. I'm grateful for the leaves that have fallen from the trees that have served us beauty throughout this challenging year. I'm grateful for friendly exchanges with my neighbours, when we have been restricted from visiting friends. Leave a comment below and tell me, what are you grateful for today?

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