How can hypnotherapy help you sleep?

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Sleep is a fundamental element of a healthy lifestyle and in my previous blog post the importance of a good night's sleep I discussed this in further detail. But how can hypnotherapy help you sleep?

Hypnotherapy is a popular way of tackling insomnia and general troubles with sleeping. It allows me to help you alter the way you view your sleeping routine and can have a positive impact on many elements of your life.

If you have insomnia, you may:

  • find it difficult to fall asleep 

  • lie awake for long periods at night 

  • feel tired and irritable and have difficulty concentrating

  • wake up several times during the night for no reason

  • wake up in the early hours and not be able to get back to sleep 

  • not feel refreshed when you get up, in fact feel almost hungover

Sometimes even trying to fall asleep can prevent us from actually doing so. We can feel a sense of failure and our minds become overactive...

Hypnotherapy helps change our internal dialogue so that new patterns can be achieved. If we tell ourselves we won't sleep, then guess what? That's it, we won't sleep. So, here is where it all changes...

Hypnosis for sleep is a tailored guided experience that allows you to regain control of your sleeping pattern and it has changed many people's lives. As little as one hypnotherapy session can lead to a significant improvement in your sleep.

Book now and see vast improvements in your sleep and in your life xx

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