The importance of a good night's sleep

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

This week is Sleep Week at Di Goddard Hypnotherapy. I will be posting content over the next few days to ensure you are all getting enough sleep during this worrying time.

We all know that sleep is an important factor of a healthy lifestyle, but how much time do you truly dedicate to having a restful night? The restorative cycle of sleep means the body is able to rest, refresh, recover and continue to function normally the following day. So, what are the benefits of getting a good nights kip?

Concentration and Productivity levels

Do you ever feel like you are dragging yourself through the working day? A good quality sleep is vital for various aspects of the way our brains function. Sleep deprivation can hinder our productivity and quality of work. On the days that you feel less productive, reflect on how restful your previous night was. What prevented you from getting enough sleep? By acknowledging what went wrong you may see huge improvements in your productivity. Those who have learned to sleep well have noticed improvements in their memory and performance.

Immune system

When we feel tired and overworked, often we get that run down feeling. This is your bodies way of telling you that you need to slow down and get back to basics. Getting 7/8 hours of sleep will show vast improvements in your immune function.

Mental health

Approximately 90% of people with depression suffer with sleep deprivation or low quality sleep. Research suggests that people with insomnia have ten times the risk of developing depression as people who sleep really well. People who are depressed commonly struggle with insomnia, showing symptoms such as difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking up feeling rested.

So, how can a Hypnotherapy session with me help you?

  • Teaching you proper relaxation techniques to help your mind slow down at bedtime.

  • Show you techniques to stop your mind racing along at night when you are trying to get off to sleep.

  • Help you to understand some of the causes of insomnia and sleeping problems.

Or alternatively...

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