How to keep a healthy mind when working from home

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

We are two weeks into the lockdown, which means many of us are back to working from home and some may have never made it back to the office. These past few months have been draining to say the least, so it is important to try and maintain a healthy mind as we look onto the upcoming weeks.

Stick to a routine

Establishing the difference between work mode and home mode will have a positive impact on your mindset. You should treat your working day as if you are going to the office. Following the same routine will give you a great start to the day (although you could maybe sneak a few more minutes in bed). Having a shower and getting into your work clothes will mimic the feeling of going to work.

Have a separate work space

Having a designated area to work in will allow you to differentiate the separate moments of your day. Try and avoid spaces where you may become too relaxed, such as your sleeping space or your sofa. If you live with others, set boundaries on when they are able to approach you to avoid disturbances. This will also have a positive impact on the moments when you are off the clock and should not be fulfilling professional duties!

Take regular breaks

Having frequent breaks will prevent procrastination and increase your productivity. Actively walking away from your designated working area will allow your mind to reset when you do return to your computer. Try and get fresh air as part of your lunch break, to mimic leaving the office to go and grab lunch!

Wrap up your day

As soon as you are finished the working day, shut down the computer and go and get back into your own clothes. Do not be tempted to carry on working to just "get it done", setting clear boundaries will ensure your employer respects your free time. Make time for one of your hobbies! Now you don't have a commute to do, you can make the use of this extra time on something you love to do.

Maintain a healthy sleep schedule

Working from home can have an impact on your body clock. Try and allow yourself to wind down properly in order to get a good nights sleep. You can read my previous post How to relax before bed for some ideas!

You can download my Sleep Deeply relaxation to listen to at bedtime, and switch off from the world for a good nights sleep.

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